We’re working to create districts centered on environmental features like sensitive habitats, public lands and waters, and major pollution sources.

Every 10 years after the federal census, California must redraw the boundaries of its Congressional, State Senate, State Assembly, and Board of Equalization districts in order to reflect the most recent population data. California has an independent, nonpartisan Citizens Redistricting Commission that expands democracy by taking the power of choosing new districts out of the hands of politicians and restoring it to ordinary people. California Environmental Voters Education Fund is committed to participating in, defending, improving, and exporting this model to other municipalities inside California and to other states.

Californians engage the natural world through our state's unique and diverse geography — it makes sense that geography should inform their social and political worlds as well.

California Environmental Voters Education Fund supports a broad application of federal and state voting laws to create districts where historically-disenfranchised communities of color, Indigenous peoples, and frontline and fence line communities next to major pollution sources can elect candidates of their choice.

Our public lands and the communities that depend upon them should be united to send representatives to Washington and Sacramento to protect, expand, and uplift our shared natural heritage. We advocate for contiguous populations that share social and economic interests to be included within a single district for purposes of effective and fair representation, including environmental “communities-of-interest” (COI) like coastal communities, watersheds, and wetlands.

EnviroVoters Ed Fund’s commitment to California’s redistricting process is an unprecedented step forward for democracy and climate justice. We were the first environmental organization to engage with the state’s Citizens Redistricting Commission in its history, and we brought dozens of partners and groups from the environmental space in with us for the 2021 redistricting.

You deserve to be fairly represented.

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