Green California

“Green California helps organizations large and small be bolder and more effective for the environment and public health.” – Victoria Rome, California Legislative Director, Natural Resources Defense Council

We’re growing our movement and setting a bold policy direction.

Green California is a network of more than 100 environmental organizations, including statewide groups and local and regional nonprofits. This is the only environmental network of its kind in our state!

We create a bigger impact by cooperation.

We focus on coordinating and aligning environmental policies, advancing clean energy efforts on a state level, and building a more inclusive and equitable movement.

We accomplish more by combining tools, pooling resources, and working together.

Together, we are bringing a unified voice to the state legislature around protecting and improving the air, water, and natural resources in California. As a result: 



7 more states have joined the U.S. Climate Alliance


5 states have passed renewable energy portfolios with 3 more in the works


Climate change is being debated in the House and the Senate for the first time in nearly 10 years.


We’re creating a broad, impactful environmental movement.

In bringing organizations together we can increase the power of our collective movement, educate legislators, and strategize about how to pass pro-environmental legislation and defeat environmental threats in Sacramento. Our network acts as an intermediary for groups that don’t have a presence at the Capitol, providing resources and insider information to local and regional organizations. Throughout the year, we bring together organizations to share information and resources, strategize on issues-based committees, and push for stronger policy change.

Green California helps create a greener California.

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